Ouch! My hand!

I'm guessing that the slight discomfort in my left hand/wrist/forearm may have something to do with all of my holiday knitting, on top of the 500 yards of yarn that I have blown through in the past 8 days knitting a little something for myself ; )
Thankfully, the yarn that I have been knitting with has been a dream to work with... literally.  I fell in love with Dream in color- Classy when a student in my Monday night class began knitting a baby cardigan with it.  The pattern I am going by is called Abi.  It is knit from the bottom up & then the front, back & both sleeves are joined at the yoke & knit up to the neck.
I currently have 288 stitches on my needles.

Of course I couldn't just follow a pattern as written.  Instead of knitting the front & the back separately, I cast on enough stitches for both, joined them in the round & went on from there.

I am not sure if this will be done by Christmas, as I have to more hats to knit as gifts for family.

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