2 new sweaters

All of those stitches from my last post have finally turned in to one of my new favorite short sleeved sweaters.

I followed the pattern Abi, omitting the pockets.

I also whipped up one of my new favorite long sleeved sweaters!  (technically it's more like a 3/4 sleeve length sweater).  I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca and followed a pattern by Ann Weaver called the Transverse Cardigan.  I had never knitted a "dolman cardigan" before.  Dolman sweaters are knit from side to side starting at one sleeve cuff & ending at the other.  This sweater didn't take much time to complete & I could see myself knitting it up again using the same yarn in a different color.  A few modifications were made: adding an eyelet row on the button band as well as a few extra garter stitch rows on that same button band & on the bottom edging.

Here is a picture of it spread out before blocking to get the general idea of how it was constructed.  I casted on for the right cuff (pictured on the left hand side of the photo) and then worked my way to the opposite arm sleeve, eventually casting off for the left cuff.  The sweater has a nice cropped fit without riding too high in the back.  The alpaca/wool blend of the yarn is soft, warm & light, just like I like it.

I found these amazing wooden buttons that finish the sweater off perfectly.

This past week my kiddos had a snow day off from school & I made them some girl finger puppets to play with.

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  1. I love short sleeve sweaters because i get hot in some big bulky sweaters. They're nice with either short or long sleeves underneath. LOVE the dolman sleeve cardigan & I think your adaptations MAKE the sweater. The finger puppets? ADORABLE!!!!!