About Me

I learned how to cast on & knit in garter stitch as a child, creating my own blankets, pillows, purses... whatever I could come up with without needing to increase or decrease stitches. 
In my early 20's I attended a sock workshop at my local yarn store and since then I haven't put my needles down. 
I try to make time for knitting/designing/planning every day.  At the end of the day, I'll pick up a knitting magazine or book from my bedside table and read until my eyes can't stay open.
I have a very supportive husband who is nearly as excited as I am for my accomplishments in the knitting world.
Our two daughters have been my springboard for knitting inspiration. 
"Mom, I want a sweater with pink, and flowers down here, with some yellow and green".
Well, when a pattern doesn't exist, one must be created.  Off we'll go to our local yarn store to choose our colors & then home to tackle the pattern math and layout with my notebook and graph paper.  What a feeling of accomplishment & joy when she tried it on.  She was so proud to wear that sweater and the grin on her face was priceless!
Now, some years after that sock workshop, and many years since I first casted on, I have been working on original designs that are free or for sale on my Etsy site, Ravelry and here on my blog.  I have finished knitted items for sale at a local collectibles store, Poppy Seed Studio, and I also teach knitting classes at Spinning Yarns in Dover, NH