I can't sew, but I can seam!

My bobbled cardigan is complete & ready to wear.

The front closes with a thin braided looped around a single silvery button.  I found that even a 2 stitch i-cord was too bulky to wrap around this thin button.

I am not much of a seamstress.  A simple set of curtains, a mended pair of pants or replacing a button on a shirt is about the extent of my hand or machine sewing capabilities.  I don't even know how to follow a sewing pattern!  That doesn't mean that I can't SEAM a knitted sweater.  In fact, sewing up a sweater is one of my favorite phases of a project.  Lots of people dread this step, they make it this far & then never finish, or pay someone else to do the work for them.  Practice makes perfect.  My first sweaters may have looked like Frankenstein seamed them up, but with patience & attention to detail, seams disappear to the wrong side of the fabric & your sweater is now a wearable garment that you can be proud of.
I believe that this sweater involved the most seaming than any other sweater that I have knit before.  Knit in pieces, seaming needed to happen in the usual places: at the shoulders, sleeves set in to the body, down the sleeve seams and the side seams.  Then there was the bobble bands that were worked independently of the fronts.  Once complete, they had to be seamed to the fronts, across the back and finally seamed where they met each other at the back of the neck.

Phew!  Makes you want to knit something in the round ha? ; )

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  1. Amy, this is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I had no idea how involved something like this could be! Can't wait to see it (and touch it!) in person!!