catching up...

It has been a busy time wrapping up the last of summer, getting the kiddo's ready for school & now adjusting to our new routine.  One child is in school full time, one is going two mornings per week, a soccer practice & a soccer game each week... and don't forget about gymnastics!  Then there is the house work, 2 dogs, the work that you actually get paid for, knitting classes, friends, family & birthday parties!  It's called life, and I am loving every bit of it.
So when do I squeeze in time to knit? Let me re-think the day: at the kitchen table while the girls color or work on spelling, during cartoon time, in the truck waiting to pick up from school, after dinner while I watch the girls goof around and lastly, after they have been tucked in.
My blue beret is finished.  The instructions had me block it over a dinner plate, which I had never done before, but it worked amazing!  Just the perfect size & perfect stretch for a hat like that.

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