wrapping it up

With Christmas coming quicker each time I look at the calendar, I can now say that my Holiday knitting is DONE!
Last night I stitched the last special touches on the knitted gifts for my girls.
These are always the most fun & special gifts that I make.
Months ago, the girls looked through my patterns & chose what they wanted for me to make them... right down to the color.  A dark brown puppy with a blanket for one & a baby doll with yellow hair & a pink dress for the other.
Wanting to keep these gifts a surprise, the girls did not see me work on their projects.  I only brought them out while they were at school or sleeping.  I think the magic will pay off, because just the other night they asked when I would be making them their special toys.

Both patterns are written by Susan B. Anderson

The baby has a hat with braids that can be removed.

Not sure which is cuter... the belly button or the toes!

 Ruffled undies.


  1. So awesome! These are the gifts they will cherish!

  2. You are a very talented lady! Your girls are very lucky!

  3. You r so talented! Wish I lived near by so I could attended your classes. Have a great holiday! Happy and Healthy love Judy Gittesfeld( Alison's mom)