Big knits, little knits

Spinning Yarns, my local yarn store, runs a once a year special order opportunity for customers to order Madelinetosh, choosing your own colors by browsing the Madelinetosh website.  This year I entertained the idea of placing a special order, but I just couldn't get myself excited enough to order colors based on looking at them on a computer screen.  Margot (the owner) will always order extra yarn to stock her shelves, and trusting her judgement of color, I will usually come in soon after the prized shipment comes in to view them in real life.  
The colors are SPECTACULAR.

I didn't buy any yarn when it came in... I didn't have a project in mind & I don't buy yarn to just stash it.  It has to have a project attached to it.  
I would admire what was on the shelf & revel in the projects that a few of my students would be making out of their selections.  Eventually, as the Madelinetosh selection dwindled on the shelf, there was a lot of this red (tart) left over that nobody seemed to want.  It grew on me & before I knew it I was ready to knit something for myself.

I was in the mood for a cardigan & cables.  
I found the perfect pattern by Knitting Pure & Simple.  The Knitting Pure & Simple line of patterns are great.  Some of my first projects came from these patterns & are always comforting to knit up.  Written in the most simple way, they are easy to follow & are a cinch to adapt in order to add a little something different to make it your own.

I added a cable pattern to the back.

Next, I had a custom order for a blue bird hat with ear-flaps & tassels.  I knit this one up on the fly using a vibrant blue from Lambs Pride.  The black button eyes were stitched on tight & the tassel at the top of the head finished it off.

Using Berroco Vintage, here is a cute hat that will be given as a gift.  
Garter stitch ear-flaps, green on gray with a pom pom to finish.

Lastly, there is something soaking in the sink... for me.

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