a treat for me & thoughts on blocking.

I have splurged & treated myself to a set of Addi Click Lace interchangeable needles!  I am loving the way my stitches are sliding off of the smooth nickel plated tips & along the flexible blue cord.  I whipped up a pair of fair isle mittens using the US#5 needle & the 32" cord (magic loop method).  I used Cascade 220 Heathers yarn. Cascade is a 'go to' yarn for me with so many colors to choose from.
Supervising from the background is my dog, Lucky : )

I have finished my Fall tunic & have included some pictures of my preferred method of blocking.  Depending on how many knitted items I am washing, I will either soak them in the sink or in my washer.  I will use a small amount of Eucalan added to the cold water & soak the load for approx 10-20 minutes.  The washer is then switched to a spin cycle ONLY and the garments are taken out when they are spun dry.

The pieces are then spread on top of large bath towels, flattened out & shaped just right.  On a nice day, the open, sunny window will have these dry by the next morning.  Blocking is the finishing touch needed for any knitted item to look amazing.  If not blocked, a sweater will look wrinkled & misshaped.

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  1. I wish I could touch everything I'm seeing on the screen reading your post. Do you know I'm a toucher? (Ask Krista about our trip to Ikea). I love the smooth hand your knitted items have and as an admitted "toucher" I can attest to the wonderful textures you knit up. Since I am not a knitter, I don't understand any of the specifics but I just love reading the description. Knitting is to you what cooking is to me? I experiment a lot and often throw together a little from one recipe and a little from another. Would that be like combining patterns?