Not Quite Quince

A couple of months ago I was itching to dye some yarn and by chance I happened upon the perfect opportunity.
Quince & Co. had just posted some of their Osprey yarn in it's un-dyed state.  This limited addition yarn was rejected from becoming mainstream for one or more reasons.  Whatever the reason may have been, all I was interested in was getting my hands on some!  I placed an order & within no time at all, my package had arrived.

(5 skeins) ready to rock & roll.

Soaking with a vinegar/water mixture.

On to the stovetop to simmer using coffee as my dye.

Out to dry.


I used some of it for a baby gift.

I have 3+ skeins left & I'm thinking about designing a nice cozy loop to wear around my neck for the winter.

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