addicted to shawlettes

Loving the latest shawlette that I have made for myself.  It took me about a week to complete (although I did get some good blocks of knitting time in).

I used Dream in Color Everlasting DK (color Shy).  If I hadn't read the label myself, I would have sworn that this was a cotton yarn at first glance.  It is actually a lovely 100% superwash merino wool.  This is about as variegated in color as I will go... a nice tonal variegation.

 I followed a pattern called Sugared Violets by Rose Beck.  A nice, clearly written & enjoyable pattern to follow!  This shawlette is written for two sizes (medium & large), I knitted the medium size, as I like to wear it wrapped as a cowl/scarf.  This pattern would be great in a lighter or heavier weight yarn as well.

Possibly my favorite part of this piece is how the ends spiral down.

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