taking turns

Like many parents, it seems as though I spend a fair amount of time explaining to my kids the importance of taking turns: on the swing, who picks out a movie next or who gets in the shower first.  The ONE thing that has not (yet) been an issue of whose turn it is, has been: "whose turn is it for Mom to knit something for them?" 
Maybe it is easier for them (or all of us) to keep track of their knitted 'turn'.  A knitted project from Mom tends to be a collaboration.  I may ask them what they want... a toy, a sweater, a shirt, anything.  The girls have a major role in the design process and/or color planning.  I may (from time to time) gently persuade them away from or closer to a certain color scheme, but mostly it is up to them.
Their project will be a part of us for as long as it takes me to knit it.  It will come with us to gymnastics, school pick up, in the car, out to lunch & usually it makes an appearance during cartoon time. 
As I tend to only work on one or two projects at a time, my knitting time is then saturated with the progress of their one special project... making it easier to keep track.
My latest project was for my oldest daughter.  I asked her if she wanted a sweater.  She said yes.  I showed her a photo of the pattern that I was secretly dying to knit.  She said that she loved it!  I then let her have control of the colors & we were very pleased with the results. 
This turn, my gentle persuasion was with the choice of pattern.

The pattern is called Spring Picnic, by Helen Rose.
I used various colors of Cascade 220 Superwash.
A few modifications were made:
- 3x3 ribbing instead of the hems on the edging, as well as on the button band.
- the clouds were knit in garter stitch instead of the cloud stitch given in the pattern.
- both the sleeve length & the overall lengths were altered.

Lastly, I leave with a preview of what I have started today.


  1. I am so glad to see that you used a 3x3 ribbing instead of the hem described in the pattern. I was wondering if I could make a similar adjustment and decided to check out your web site to see what you did. Your sweater looks great! I am anxious to see it on my granddaughter.